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Meadow-Lands Slumber - Nerthus (2) - Scattered To The Four Wainds (CD, Album)

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  1. Nerthus was a goddess of fertility in Germanic paganism. She rules on Heligoland and travels veiled in cloth, astride a chariot drawn by sacred cattle. Her day of worship is performed by slaves who, upon performing their rites are immediately drowned. Her pre-Roman statue is seen in The Darkest Shore in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. A stone carving of her can be seen in The Frozen Dawn.
  2. The Sons of Nerthus are three stone idols that appear in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies maps The Darkest Shore and The Tortured Path. They serve as the keys in opening the ancient door to Nerthus' sacrificial chamber. When holding one of the idols, the player can use it in a similar fashion to the Gridiron Ball, albeit weaker. Once the player has obtained an idol, they can bring it to the.
  3. Band Contact: Nerthus c/o Clemens J. Hiebaum Im Kirchholz 24 A Hohenems, Austria On the photo (from left): Alexander K. Hiebaum, Clemens J. Hiebaum and Mirko B.
  4. Nerthus is a Germano-Norse deity. She appears to be a fertility goddess and is theorized to be the first wife of Njörðr and thus mother of Freyr and Freyja. She was venerated by the Suebi tribe of Germans. The name Nerthus (Nerþuz) is similar to a feminine, Latinised form of Njord (Njörðr). She is theorised to be the sister/wife of Njord mentioned in the Lokasenna.
  5. Nerthus, ancient Germanic goddess known from a report of her given by the Roman historian Tacitus, who in his Germania (late 1st century ad) refers to her as Terra Mater, or Mother Earth, and says that she was worshiped by seven tribes (among whom were the Angles, who later invaded England).Her worship centred on a temple in a sacred grove on an island in the Baltic Sea.
  6. Sep 19,  · Artist: Nerthus Song title: Meadow / Lands Slumber Album: Scattered To The Four Wainds ().
  7. DipsonDP , March 2, (UTC) It is in a Lore marker: The Long, Cruel War "Here fell Nerthus of the Vanir, slain by Magni and Modi, sons of Thor. The Jotnar bear witness to the cruelty of this Long War. Neither Aesir nor Vanir may triumph, it is foreseen -- but what may be left of Midgard before they lay down arms?" Vertend.

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